How to make fantastic salads every time with simple and easy to follow steps.


In this video I go through the 6 steps I use to make delicious and satisfying salads every time. I’ve met lots of people that find salads kind of boring and bland and that’s what I hope to change with sharing this. Salads can but definitely don’t need to be neither boring nor bland. Usually we just need to work on nailing our components and making sure we keep it interesting both with flavour combinations and different textures.

In the video I build this strawberry summer salad with quinoa and beluga lentils to illustrate how I use the steps to create lots of interest in a salad that doesn’t just taste good but fills you up. That is the other thing many find disappointing with salads – the fact that they don’t feel full and satisfied after eating them. With some small tweaks I am happy to announce that this needn’t be the case either! My short answer to this is making sure to include some complex carbs and protein sources in your salads and you’ll find that you feel satiated when munching on your next salad. I elaborate on this and many other tips and tricks in the video so check it out and hopefully it will help you build some kick ass salads using your own creativity and local ingredients.

If you need some help starting out though I’ve compiled a list of some of my favourite salads down below to give you lots of inspiration. I hope you find something you like!

Salad Recipes to Inspire