In this video tutorial I show you how I grow my microgreens at home using a very simple method and easy to come by tools. Microgreens are perfect for indoor gardening for those of us who live in apartments or can be a fun indoor addition to growing a vegetable garden outdoors. I’ve really missed gardening since moving to the city so early this spring I decided to make my windowsill my garden. Growing microgreens is also a great way to grow your own greens during the cold seasons when the outdoor garden is resting which means you’ll be seeing me do this all year around from now on. Hopefully this video and the photos below can inspire you to do the same!

You can grow them in many different shapes and colours. Someof my favourites are different types of radish, the beautifulpurple one you see pictured is daikon radish. Pea shoots are also fantastic with their gangly long stems and delicate leaves. They are also very convenient as you can grow them from the whole dried peas you’d buy at the store for making soup or the like. Very affordable and easy access. The same goes for others like mung beans for example. An old favourite from my childhood is cress which we used to by at the store when we were feeling fancy, the only microgreen sold then I think. There are so many to choose from though; broccoli, beet, pak choi, mustard greens, borage, sunflower, buckwheat and the list goes on and on. Leafy greens, some root vegetables, herbs and some edible flowers all do well as microgreens. Do a quick online search to find out the full array or check out any store where you find seeds for gardening.

Growing microgreens is a fun and very low maintenance pastime and like I’ve mentioned many times before gardening really is such a beautifully grounding task to integrate into one’s life. It connects us to our food and brings us more understanding of the natural world we sometimes forget we live in, I think. Now check out the video and get to growing! Sending you all much love.

Malin x