This is a real treat of a recipe that brings me back to my childhood. A sandwich cake is a savoury cake often served at birthdays and festivities here in Sweden. I’m sharing it with you today because this weekend is midsummer, my favourite of the Swedish holidays. While the cake is not the traditional midsummer party food it’s probably my favourite of traditional Swedish party foods and I couldn’t resist showing you.

Sandwich cake or smörgåstårta as we call it here in Sweden is usually an amalgamation of different animal products but of course my version is completely vegan. I use plant based substitutes for the various dairy products and tofu in my fillings. One filling is made with smoked tofu for that “cold cut” flavour hint and the other a take on a Swedish classic seafood salad called skagenröra. The decoration is all colourful plants and in my opinion this kind of cake looks more alive than ever before when you dress it like this.

To be honest you can go wild with this concept and let your creativity flow. In my world there are no rules! Make the fillings creamy and flavourful and decorate to your hearts content. I am sure there are plenty of flavour combinations you love that would make a fantastic sandwich cake. Have fun and happy midsummer!

Malin x

Vegan Swedish Sandwich Cake | Vegansk Smörgåstårta

Serves 3 but can easily be multiplied to serve more.


Smoked tofu filling:

2 small avocados, mashed

0,5 cup vegan creme fraiche

0,75 block of smoked tofu (150 g), cubed small

A spring onion, finely chopped

A handful fresh parsley leaves, finely chopped

0,5 lemon, zest and juice

Salt and black pepper, to taste

For the layering:

12 slices of sandwich bread, crusts removed

Half of this recipe of Swedish “seafood salad”

For the “frosting”:

0,5 cup vegan cream cheese

0,5 cup vegan creme fraiche

0,5 cup vegan mayonnaise

To decorate:

A cucumber

A small bunch fresh dill

Radishes, cut into small wedges

A small red onion, finely chopped

Lemon zest

Edible flowers, optional (I used pansies)

Vegan seaweed caviar, I used red and black

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