Today I want to share a vegan version of a traditional Swedish summer recipe with you all. It’s a kind of seafood salad called Skagenröra that I’m making without the the seafood of course. Isn’t that such a weird food anyway “seafood”. As I was editing the video and listening to myself saying it several times it just sounded so wrong. I’d prefer to call them our friends, the sea creatures. Anywho the dish is usually made with shrimp and caviar but I have swapped these out for salted firm tofu and seaweed caviar to keep the same textures while keeping things vegan. It’s a creamy salad with fresh dill and lemon so it’s a nice marriage between more heavy foods like mayonnaise and fresh and light flavours. It is a perfect dish to bring to summer parties or treat your friends to in the sun. It’s also delicious in a baked potato. Just saying. I really hope you will enjoy this vegan skagenröra recipes! A little ode to my home country. x


Makes roughly 1 liter.


1 block of firm tofu (370 g)

1 red onion, finely chopped

0,25 cup chopped fresh dill or thawed from frozen

100 g seaweed caviar

2 tbsp nori seaweed crinkles, optional

0,5 lemon, the zest and a couple tbsp juice

0,5 cup vegan mayonnaise

0,5 cup vegan creme fraiche

Salt and black pepper


Crumble your tofu into a mixing bowl. You want the pieces to be reminiscent of shrimp so make them quite small but make sure there’s still some chewy texture. Add your chopped onion to the bowl as well as a generous amount of salt and mix we’ll. We want to salt the tofu to make it reminiscent of the sea flavour we’re after in this recipe.

Then add the remaining ingredients, season with black pepper and more salt if want and mix well to combine. If you want you can leave the skagenröra in the fridge for a few hours or over night to allow the flavours to marry well or serve immediately if you prefer.

I served mine as little snack foods/canapes on top of cracker bread and garnished with sprigs of fresh dill and edible flowers.

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