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Cider Poached Pears with Ginger Sauce and Caramelised Nuts

Another fruit dessert Malin? I hear you thinking and yes, it’s another fruit dessert! Fruit make the most simple but elegant desserts and these poached pears are no exception. I cook them in cider which allows them to stay full of their natural pear flavour and I add some fresh ginger to give the dessert a little kick. After the pears are finished cooking your left with a yummy and slightly spicy cider sauce that combined with the whipped vegan cream and crunchy caramelised nuts bring this dish together. You’ve got spicy, smooth, fresh, soft, crunchy, creamy and sweet all in one mouth full. There’s not much more I could ask from a dessert unless it was chocolate, haha. Hope you guys try this and enjoy it as much as I do! I am making it as part of my vegan three course New Year’s menu this year, maybe you will too?

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