I bought an electrical whisk last week about the same time my exhaust pipe dropped to the ground on a drive to the city. Those of you who follow along on my stories on instagram know what I am talking about. Since I have reattached that pipe onto my car, managed to find new faults in it that need to be fixed and finally played around with aquafaba. The aquafaba part being the fun in all of it! So to celebrate my new found hobby I want to share this super simple aquafaba chocolate mousse with you today.

First of all aquafaba is awesome because it whips up stiff similar to an egg white. You might have seen various bloggers and chefs make vegan meringues using it. I have yet to try that but understand it requires a lot of sugar, so it will probably be a one time deal in this house for a special occasion. This dessert does have sugar in it too due to me using a conventional dark chocolate bar for the recipe. You could use one of the fancier brands of chocolate using less refined sweeteners however to make this mousse ‘refined sugar’ free. I would also recommend buying fairtrade chocolate to make sure the person growing those beautiful cacao beans that made your bar were treated with respect and got a fair wage for their work. Of course even better if you find an organic bar. I find food taste better when I have no qualms about how it ended up on my table and these two steps when buying chocolate does it for me.

Whilst this mousse is light and airy due to the fact buy valium no prescription online that in contrast to conventional mousse we don’t use any heavy cream it does still have a satisfying richness to it. I find myself equally as full of chocolate-y goodness as I used to feel eating the conventional kind and a small serving is enough to reach that blissful state. I was quite amazed at this and hope you’ll have a similar experience. And guys, the base recipe only has three ingredients! Two if you’re not into salt. That’s awesome for those of us who sometimes don’t want to deal with a whole lot of ingredients and fuss.

I will say though that adding a couple of fancy decorations to the finished mousse made my day though, bringing me right back to the state of ‘fuss’ as I was carefully placing flowers here and there. Even bringing out my kitchen tweezers to arrange it, haha. For the first time I might add. I guess when the initial recipe is as easy as this one we have more time for those creative decorations that we dream of as we see various floral arrangements on just about any kind of dish on instagram. For me this was elevated by the fact that I could pick my own edible flowers around the garden – spring is a beautiful thing!

Now I hope you enjoy this recipe and treat yourself and your loved ones to some dessert this week! x


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YIELDS: 4 servings /  TIME: 15 min + 3 h setting time

3/4 cup aquafaba, i.e. chickpea cooking water (from roughly one can)
80 g 70% dark chocolate, chopped finely
A small pinch of sea salt

To top:

1/3 cup coconut cream, chilled and whipped
10 pistachios, slivered
Edible flowers, I used violas, pansies and daisies

Bring water to a boil in a sauce pan and then turn the hob off but leave the pan sitting on top of the residual heat. Place the chopped chocolate into a glass or metal bowl and place on top of the boiled water. You have now made a so called bain marie for your chocolate to melt. Shift the chocolate around a few times in the melting process to make sure it melts evenly, do not stir however.

While your chocolate is melting whip your aquafaba in a medium to large sized bowl using an electrical whisk. Whip until it’s very stiff and you can make shapes/patterns that stay in the aquafaba when leaving them untouched.

When your chocolate has melted add a small pinch of sea salt and mix it through before slowly pouring it into your whipped aquafaba while using the electrical whisk to combine the two.

Pour or ladle the mousse into four small glasses or pots and place in the refrigerator to set for roughly three hours or longer.

If using coconut cream to top it off make sure you only have the coconut cream solid parts and no coconut water in the mix when you use your electrical whisk again to whip it firm and fluffy. Scoop or spritz it onto your mousse pots and decorate with pistachios and edible flowers when the mousse is set if you wish.

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