A few weeks ago, or actually a little over a month ago, Rob and I visited a beautiful market garden just outside Simrishamn called Mandelmanns Trädgårdar. Today I want to share a heap of photos from our time there with you along with some short snippets of text about our experience.

The south of Sweden, and Skåne, is really beautiful. Especially in the summer. It’s a perfect spot for short road trips to the coast, to Sweden’s most Southern tip and for stopping off at cute countryside cafes and road side vegetable and fruit stalls. Mandelmanns Trädgårdar is now on my top five list of things to do for anyone visiting the Swedish south with its beautiful flowers, delicious vegetables and cosy atmosphere.

Now enjoy all the photos and just to let you know this weekend is the last chance to visit this season. I sincerely recommend it. x

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As you drive up to the gardens and the main house you’re enveloped in greenery and you see some fruit trees lining the road. After making a slightly awkward parking job Rob and I found our way to the entrance, paid a small fee of SEK 25 each to enter a colourful and serene haven filled with plants. And a cat. And some chickens. The gardens are wide and beautifully landscaped with contrasting colours, archways and beautiful vegetables on display.

On our visit there was a variety of flowers in every colour; I distinctly remember that it was like walking through colour blocks. Some reds and whites, then a purple passage taking you to an orange flurry. And all around there’s greenery and some beautiful fruit trees. We saw both apples and pears on our visit, almost ready for harvest. They’re not the only edibles in the garden though and we found a handful of different cabbages as well as a variety of beans and lettuces.

They also use green houses for grapes and tomatoes. These also double as seating for the visitors, i.e. us. It is quite a beautiful experience sitting under the grape vines as you eat your lunch or have your fika.


As you enter the gardens you walk alongside a big building and as you come around the corner there’s a sweet window with doors, wide open, and our of there food is served for waiting customers. Only one dish is served each day, except for lighter sandwiches and pastries, and it’s called a ‘garden plate’. On it you’ll find all the bounties from garden that are ripe and ready for harvest.

There is also an option for cheese or meat from the animals living on the farm and as a vegan this is rather disturbing. However the staff are very vegan positive and there’s even a vegan chocolate cookie that is delicious. The garden plate we ate before digging into that cookie was filled with chunky mashed potatoes with garlic, roasted tomatoes, green and wax beans,  greens, pickled cucumber and crispy beetroot. As a gluten free option to a chunky slice of sourdough I had some seeded crackers, they were crunchy and very tasty.

If you decide to visit the gardens I’d definitely recommend eating lunch in one of the green houses or on the many outside seats. The food was simple but delicious and I will definitely come back for seconds when I can!


Last but not least we took a speedy tour of the shop where all kinds of vegetables and some fruits were on sale. We also found the two books written by the owners of the gardens about farm life and self-sustainability. There’s also beautiful bouquets of flowers for sale. If we hadn’t been in such a bloody hurry I would have probably left with a couple of books, a years worth of vegetables and a bunch of those gorgeous flowers. And no monies. Haha!

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