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I was debating how to share all the photos I took in Mauritius and in what way all this material would be best received. I didn’t come to any scientific conclusions however and I’m now sharing it all in this one post. I hope you’ll enjoy the sensory overload and watch both the video of Rob and I doing fun island things and all the photos to follow down below. I have visited Mauritius a few times before, and I do find myself very lucky, but this will be my very first Mauritius vlog so I’m excited to be able to share my experience with you more closely.

One of my favourite things to do in Mauritius is to visit the many temples dotted around the island, they are mainly Hindu and full of beautiful iconography and colours. During our visit this time we didn’t actually take time out to visit any however but in their absence in the images here in this post I wanted to let you know that they exist in the many in case you are visiting yourself. They shouldn’t be missed!

The most famous temple in Mauritius can be found up the mountain in Savanne around the sacred lake Ganga Talao. This spot is considered the most sacred place in all of Mauritius. It’s a very different atmosphere to the beaches we’re used to seeing from Mauritius as the climate is cooler up there and your surrounded by pine trees in contrast to palm trees. On the other side of that mountain you’ll also find a lot of tourist attractions like the seven coloured sands as well as Chamarel’s rummary so if you are inclined to explore more you have the opportunity. You’ll also find Le Chamarel restaurant located at the edge of the mountain. Whilst it’s most certainly a touristy spot it provides you with an excellent view of the south western coast line. You can also try the Mauritian specialty that is fresh heart of palm salad as well as a few other vegan friendly dishes. To get back to the temples I just want to say that in addition to the sacred lake there are temples almost anywhere you look and you are almost always welcome inside to explore the vibrancy and tradition so take the time to and enjoy.

This time in Mauritius we spent a lot of time on the beach. I think it was exactly what I wanted after spending my first winter in 5 years in Sweden. It is colder and tougher than in England, that’s for sure. We had defrosted during the time we spent in Dubai but when you really get to lie down in the sand and soak all the sun up something special happens in my heart space. It opens up and in general I feel much more alive again. I think of the sun as a charger and it certainly refreshed my batteries.

We didn’t get very adventurous with our beach time either, it was all spent in Tamarin Bay. However on previous visits we’ve had lovely outings to the public beach at the foot of Le Morne mountain. We’ve also taken the beach route from Tamarin Bay to Flic en Flac by foot and the beaches there are lovely too. What I’m trying to say is that I’m no beach connoisseur, I’m just a regular gal looking for the sun rays in my immediate vicinity. To be honest the whole island is beautiful so whatever beach you end up I think you’re in good hands!

If you decide to drive around the island doing some temple or beach or otherwise hopping you must stop at some road stalls to try the local street food. Some of the common vegan friendly breakfast and lunch options are rotis with bean curry and other sauces, biryani, deep fried dough snacks with various herbs, vegetables and spices as well as awesome banana dough balls, fruits such as watermelon and pineapple or why not try the guava sprinkled with chilli and salt. On of our favourite street foods however is called dholl puri and it is similar to a roti except the actual flat bread is stuffed with cooked and crumbled split pea. Then it is filled with the usual suspects of bean curry, chilli and other sauces. I actually made a gluten free version of this dish here on the blog, however the glutenous wheat flour version shouldn’t be missed and has a lighter and thinner nature. All in all as you can tell the street food is very influenced by the island’s Indian population and I couldn’t be happier because it’s all delicious.

Finally on the day when we filmed the vlog we visited my other favoruite place in Mauritius which is the market in Quatre Bornes. It’s a place where both locals and tourist mingle and shop. You’ll find an array of fabrics, clothing, home wares, fresh produce and street food. The prices are very affordable, at least to us coming from Northern Europe. My favourite stall however is one filled with Hindu iconographic items such as posters, canvas wall hangings and other trinkets. If you want to get the full visual and find out what I brought home it’s all in the vlog.

In terms of food and eating this is the perfect place to try the deep fried dough snacks I mentioned earlier coming in all shapes and sizes and spices. They also have a covered food court these days, which was new to us, where you can find more substantial meals. Of course with vegan options here and there. The food highlight for us that day however was visiting Manoushe in Belle Rose, roughly a twenty minute walk from the market.

Manoushe is Mauritius first Lebanese restaurant. However opening up they took over a pizzeria and decided to combine the two meaning they serve traditional Lebanese cuisine along with fantastic pizzas. And the best part: they make their own vegan cheese. And even better: it’s really good! Looking at the menu they have an array of vegan options from the Lebanese kitchen like upside down rice, kibbeh, falafel and tagine. In addition they had three vegan ice cream flavours on hand when it was time for dessert. Our waiter also let us know that the owners are working on a fully fleshed out (or not so fleshy as you can imagine) vegan menu to come soon. Yay! If you ever find yourself in Mauritius you should definitely visit and support this initiative which is unusual on the island. Especially since it’s a treat of a feast.

I think that’s all I’ve got to say about that. We had a ball and will remember those moments in the sun fondly as we await the Swedish summer. Wishing you all a great rest of the week and will see you with new recipes and vlogs soon! x


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