Last Saturday Rob and I filmed a day out and about shopping at our local flea market and sourcing some local produce. For a little while I have been wanting to visit Mossagården her in the south of Sweden as I’d heard such good things about them. They run an organic veggie box scheme out of their farm in addition to having an on site store, summer cafe and annual farm festival with music and other fun stuff. Elenore over at earthsprout and Karoline of det gröna skafferiet (check them out!) had a workshop there during the festival this year that I sorely missed due to the lack of a ride. This is what pointed my attention thataway in the first place.

Elenore had also shared that they have a hemp plantation at the farm from which they harvest their own seeds. That I found really exciting and I got to take some home which I’m planning to use for homemade hemp milk shortly. The farm visit left us feeling satisfied having offered us lovely produce to take home, some yum food (see video) to fill our bellies and (!!!) an encounter with two pigs which I got to scratch. I was in heaven in that moment, have never met a pig in the flesh before. The encounter only made me feel more strongly about my choice to be a vegan being the only way forward. Life is sacred.
As a general practitioner, I quite often treat patients with ED. I feel that I should bust one persistent myth here. Viagra enhances erection instead of causing it. Foreplay and complete relaxation provide the best conditions for its beneficial effects. Do not expect it to provide an erection in the absence of sexual desire and stick to the prescribed dosage.

In addition we ate lots of good food, as always, that I share with you in the video and in some photos below. Maybe it’s over kill to post the photos along with the video. What do you guys think? I just get excited and want to show you everything from every angle, haha.

Either way I hope you enjoy the video, I’ll be aiming to post two of them a month from now on. I make no promises at this stage though as I’m just getting started with health coaching course and am not sure what that’s got in store for me but please stay tuned and let me know what you think.

Much love and happy Saturday to you all friends! x

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