January vlog coming in hot! And late. Oops. It was a busy month starting and finishing our go to meal video series and for so many other reasons. Therefore I ended up filming this video on the last day of January and that way I did still stick to my intention of filming/sharing a vlog a month even though it’s reaching you in February. Or so I keep telling myself, haha.

In this vlog I dig deep into my pantry and start a month long challenge with myself to clear out random stuff in my pantry and freezer. Making sure I use up what I have and that way I can reduce my food waste from food sitting around getting old and then thrown out. I’ve been going almost a week now and it’s been great eating through our cupboards and making use of what I have. The limitations and things I’ve bought but never used because I haven’t generic-ativan-lorazepam known what to do with have sparked new creativity and I’ve had quite a lot of fun so far. Even though I made a porridge that I’d rather not have. Oops again. And we did still eat it!

I’d love it if you’d like to join me in some way by clearing out and using up what you have in your kitchen that might have been there a tad too long. Please share your trials and tribulations with me on instagram by tagging me @goodeatings and using the hashtag #gefinishitfebruary. I will be sharing what I cook up and doing little updates on there as well. Starting tomorrow with a little “one week in” update on stories. That way we can stay motivated together and get inspired by each other.

I hope you enjoy the video and please let me know if you have any wishes for what you might like to see in the vlogs! x

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