I haven’t shared a video in a while and I thought it was about time I got back up and did so. This vlog is a simple what I ate in a day video but as always I like to show a little of what we get up to and also share a little bit about what I’m thinking about at the moment. And, when I filmed it last week, I was just getting out of feeling a little lost and asking myself why I’m making these videos.

The reason I am is to inspire people, to show them a way of life that is compassionate and kind. Sometimes it doesn’t sit right with me though to share my life. There’s a little voice in my head saying ‘why do you think anyone is interested?’ The point of it isn’t to share my life as if I am important in some way to someone’s existence though but to be there as an example. To share some ideas that I’ve crafted that have worked for me and that might work for others. Also to share my work, my recipes, with more people out there. And now I think I’m also doing it to erase that voice in my head that wants to tell me that none of this is important if I’m in the centre of doing so. It’s so easy to let self doubt fester, I think we’re all better off not allowing it to do so and to keep listening to what we know in our hearts to be true about who we are, what we need and what we have to give. Then we keep being, fulfilling those needs and giving whatever it is that we have. While I believe it’s important to reflect on our existence and behaviour on this planet it’s equally as important to acknowledge that we are worthy the way we are and that we have something to offer.

I want to be brave and put myself out there as a resource even if someone might judge me for doing so, even though I might judge myself at times. It can be a powerful thing to share an experience and I recognise that it can help others. So I’m going to keep on sharing with you guys little by little and would love it if you’d share back with me – it means a lot to be able to have a conversation with you out there watching and reading. As I ask in the video; what is it that you find useful about what I do? What would you like more of? I want to share with you things that are of use and help so please let me know and we can create the content together to serve a purpose.

Sending you all much love! x


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