Hi Guys,

I hope you’re all feeling the spring vibes. Here in Dubai it seems to be getting hotter by the minute, although we had a cloudy day filming this vlog. I’m sorry I haven’t posted any new recipes for you since leaving Sweden but it’s been difficult finding time to try new things and/or make and photograph the dishes. We’ve also been busy with work on some days. I hope these Dubai vlogs make up for the absence of actual recipes and are good stand ins for food inspiration.

On the day filming this vlog we visited a lovely concept store called Comptoir 102 for breakfast. I’ve shared my thoughts on this spot before in the vegan guide to Dubai but it is a very vegan friendly and aesthetically pleasing place to spend time. We love the ‘heaven on earth’ smoothie which is pure chocolate goodness and another dish I can recommend not featured in the vlog is the ‘all green salad’. It sounds very green but tastes very good.

All in all we had a relaxed day mainly at home with the weather being a little gloomy, and my mood sort of following that trend. Sometimes we just need to chill, am I right!? But now enjoy the vlog and the palm trees and I’ll see you guys next week with a new vlog (and a post about our favourite Dubai lunch spot). Much love and light! x


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