Hello Everyone,

It’s time for me to share some things that have caught my eye again. I decided to combine the past two months’ link love and favourites in this post but I’m not quite sure it was the right decision so maybe I’ll go back to making this a monthly appearance, what do you think? My thoughts are that when I leave it this long things fade and I don’t remember all the little details that I want to share with you.

The past two months have gone past so quickly and a lot of things have happened. Some heart breaking, some very frustrating and some beautiful and exciting. Our family lost two loved ones which hasn’t been easy but such is life sometimes. I have been trying to stay positive and motivated but sometimes we just need to surrender to how we’re actually feeling, let those feelings be, take time for reflection and then reset when we are ready. Right? And now I feel more ready to take on challenges and think up new ideas.

Rob and I also bought a ‘new’ car, a peugeot from -99, haha. Unfortunately we only had it for a couple of days before conking out on our first day trip since moving into our new home. Our car is now at the workshop and we’re awaiting a verdict on what’s wrong with it, please cross your fingers for us in hoping that it’s nothing insanely expensive! Of course not having a working car for the most part of our three first months in the countryside has been challenging as well adding to a cranky me at times. I think with the lifestyle I’ve led for the last couple of years and living in a big city I have not had to deal with certain everyday struggles like this car shebackle. I’m sure many of you deal with similar things more or less often and that they get you down too, but you simply have to deal with the issue in the best way possible and make the best out of the situation. Got lemons? Make lemonade. It’s been a good wake up call since moving out here and a time to start reflecting on how I respond to things happening and a time to find some perspective.

Like I said there has been fun things going on too of course and the most exciting is that a friend of mine, Faye – my inspirational yogi, and I have started discussing the possibility of starting a small company together producing some food stuffs. It’s such a fun prospect and so far we’re just trying things out, but as soon as I know more and have something to show you I will! And I have to introduce you to my friend too of course, especially because we’re also discussing coming together to make some events combining my vegan cooking and her yogic teachings. The plan is to start in Copenhagen and I’d love to hear your thoughts on this! Maybe some of you live in Copenhagen? Would you be interested in such an event? Again I look forward to sharing news with you ones I have some.

Other fun stuff that happened since my last link love post is that the blog got an update! It’s not completely finished yet and I always seem to get side tracked but it shall be finished soon. I hope you guys like it? I like it a lot and the idea was to make it more user friendly and I decided to include a side bar and a more ‘bloggy’ layout for this. I really hope that you feel that when you visit the blog now.

I, and the blog, was featured in Thrive Magazine and it was amazing seeing my work next to some many other inspiring bloggers and food creators. It was one of the highlights from these last two months for sure!

Rob and I also went to Gothenburg one of the last days in August and it was a beautifully sunny and joyful day. I hope you read all bout it here, if not hop on over there and do so. Or at least look at the video and all the yummy photos! It felt so great to be back in a city and doing some window (and some actual) shopping, eating at restaurants and visiting cafes. I remembered why I wanted to move there when I was younger; Gothenburg has a laid back charm that I miss in many cities I’ve visited and it’s the kind of Sweden I remember and love.

Now let me share some links with you that will hopefully bring you some inspiration. In the kitchen. Most of the links that I’m sharing this month is food related and actually focuses in on some of my favourites in the blogosphere at the moment so I hope you’ll enjoy and I wish you the most beautiful Sunday! x


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I’ll start off with a link to lovely Nina’s Breakfast Club series and the last episode about Renee Byrd from Will Frolic for Food. I love the photos Renee chose for her feature and find her answers to Nina’s questions whimsically charming so go check it out (and don’t miss out on the raw strawberry cake).

Following on the same path I want to share a couple of recipes from Renee’s blog because I’ve been fangirling and found so many beauties on there. First of all to go with the rainy whether we’ve got here in Sweden at the moment this Sesame Chai Latte would be perfect. And secondly for a last fling with summer this vegan Vanilla and Peach Pannacotta looks to die for!

Like I said I’ve been all about food. And! Beautiful photos of food. For this Sophie of Wholehearted Eats always has me covered. The recipes that caught my eye over there were the Chocolate Pear and Hazelnut Scones (yum!) and this Morning Glory Loaf that I’m planning on making this weekend as we have some guests coming.

Sophie also posted a recipe from the new Oh She Glows book called Oh She Glows Every Day and I think I’m going to have to order it now. Especially after seeing said post featuring a delicious looking Golden French Lentil Stew perfect for the season we’ve now stepped into (at least here in Sweden).

Whilst we’re talking about written work I’d like to link my friend Nicky Clinch’s recent article about sea vegetables and why they’re so beneficial to us. Nicky is a macrobiotic consellor and chef so I really trust and admire the wisdom she shares online. With that said I wanted to share a recipe she shared on her blog last summer, but I think it’s great for right now, and she calls it a Medicinal Miso Abundance Bowl. I’ll take that kind of medicine any time!

Second to last I want to highlight this awesome post by The Minimalist Vegan who lists more than 50 vegan blogs for awesome inspiration. Unfortunately they forgot about me, haha, but many of my favourite blogs were mentioned. If you’re stuck for dinner ideas you’ll have more than enough input there.

Last but not least, and a little random, I simply have to share this chocolate brand called Compartes. Their chocolates look so amazing. Not all of their bars are vegan but the ones that are have been marked as such, but just have a look at all the photographs because they are such fun.