Hello guys,

Another month has passed and oh my, it happened so fast. Spring has come, I’m back in Europe and I’ve started the second quarter of my life by turning 26 years just the other day. What have you guys been up to?

I have made my way from Dubai to London and been planning where to head next. It’s been decided that in a week roughly we’ll be heading to see my family in my home town and if you’re lucky I’ll show you around a little on youtube. After that we’ll be spending a month in Copenhagen followed by three summer months in Berlin. Phew.

I’m taking life step by step and trying not to worry about the future at the moment and as spring and summer slowly awakens I think this gets easier. That’s not to say I’m not making plans and goals though, it’s important to know where you’re going but I’m trying to accept that the road there might not be as straight as it is in my mind.

That was a little bit of an update on what’s happening in my life at the moment but now let’s take a look at what March brought!


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AS USUAL I’m starting with the soundtrack of the month and March has without a doubt been all about Carole King’s album Tapestry. Rob and I were staying with his parents for the most part of this month which has inspired this choice as Agi, Rob’s mother, loves this album. We’re now in London but still listening away to Carole’s 70s voice! Here is one of my favourite songs on the album Beautiful.

Starting the month in Dubai with lots of blue skies/water and sunny lunch at the Sum of Us.

LET’S START off with a bit of vegan inspiration. I’ve been getting into YouTube a lot (!) since starting to post my own videos and who knew there was so much great information to find there?! No one told me anyway, haha. Here are three resources I found as I browsed YouTube that provide lots of facts about a vegan diet.

Great Website for Learning about Vegan Nutrition by M.D. Michael Greger
– The Bite Size Vegan explains everything you want to know about veganism on YouTube
– Mic the Vegan follows suit and give us informed vegan break downs

Easter lunch with the lovely Nicky Clinch and family; a Mediterranean feast followed by a vegan take on banoffee pie.

AND SINCE I’m a sucker for social media and love food here are a few instagram accounts I’ve been loving this month as well as some recipes I wouldnt mind trying soon.

Starting with instagrammers:

 Sara of @shisodelicious is my new idol, I even got to try her bento boxes at a market here in London (see pictured).

– For gorgeous travel images with a vintage feel check out @alexreyto.

– In my eyes a rising instagram star for plantbased food is @ritaserano so if you haven’t checked out her creations yet go on over there.

And a few recipes to inspire us for April:

– Skillet potato socca w. spring greens by Faring Well

Beluga lentil caviar two ways by Nourish Atelier

Swedish gubbröra on toast by Cashew Kitchen

Sara’s bento boxes and surrendering to the rain.

NOW TO a slightly different topic that I’ve been getting more and more passionate about over the last year or so; ethical fashion. Not just vegan but ethical in terms of production as well as being environmentally sustainable. Getting to grips with what to buy and thereby support and not as a vegan can be difficult enough to tackle, which is something I’m still working on and learning about every day, but caring about the people that produce what you’re wearing is to me as important as caring about animals, the planet and yourself. Here are some links to resources relating to this issue.

– Check out documentary The True Cost to learn more about what happens in our current fashion climate
– Vegan Kristen Leo speaks about ethical/vegan/sustainable fashion on her YouTube channel
– Kristen’s inspiring List of Ethical Fashion Brands/Shops
– My new fashion crush Reformation

Back at our local farmer’s market and in the giant soft box that is grey London.

AS YOU MIGHT know it was my birthday at the end of this month and as I’m still a child I made a wish list. It’s very short and does not include world peace or eternal love which are of course at the top of my list but here are some more earthly wants including a couple favourites from just mentioned Reformation.

– This striped top would be very welcome this spring
– More stripey tops because stripey tops
– And a linen shirt so I can get dressy too
– Finally something shoulder flaunting and tight for a bit of subdued glam

– Pai Moisturiser
– Aromi Solid Perfume

FINALLY this month I made a ‘my monthly favourites’video for YouTube as I think this a rather YouTube thing to do and hopefully you guys can get some ideas from it. If you’re into this type of content feel free to press the play button and I’ll share a few more things I’ve been getting excited about this month.

Until next time swim easy friends x

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