Hello Everyone,

It’s time for another links round up with this link love may edition. Sorry that it’s a little late, Rob and I are busy in London working on various projects. I can’t wait for it to be the 1st of July when we’ll be moving into our new home in Sweden, it will be lovely to settle down and focus in on some ideas that have been brewing for a long time.

May was another whirlwind of a month though mainly spent in Copenhagen cycling around and exploring. It is a wonderful city and we’re looking forward to visiting again soon, luckily our new place will only be 1,5 hour away. I’ll be sharing a post all about the places we loved during our visit with a bunch of photos on the weekend of next week so stay tuned for that.

The past month brought both rain and shine, fun and work and new encounters and for that I’m grateful. It also brought some lovely spring recipes here on the blog like my Smokey Butter Bean Houmous + The Best Picnic Sandwich with caramelised onions, Blueberry Tahini Muffins and the Garlicky Asparagus and Tomato Summer Spaghetti that got lots of great feedback from you guys, thank you for that. I also put together this video with four ideas for vegan breakfast with corresponding recipes here on the blog. I really hope you guys saw it and the recipes, and I’d love to know if you enjoyed this type of video/post? Was it at all helpful? I’d love to know!

But enough talking now! Here’s the love that the title of this post promised, all the inspirational links I’ve gathered this month compiled for your enjoyment.


These Crispy Yam Tacos with Chipotle Dip by the lovely Sophie of @wholeheartedeats just need a little vegan mayo love and then I’m all set for a delicious taco Tuesday.

Agnes of @cashewkitchen started a series on living the freelance life and the Chia Trifle accompanying her text and plan for the coming week looks amazing – the photos are top notch as always.

Mynewroots’ Sarah brought us this Sanity-Saving One Pot Pasta and the styling and dish breathes an air of an effortlessly bright summer ahead.

I’ve spent countless hours studying @stevemccurry’s stunning portraits on Instagram this month.

Virpi Mikkonen of @vanelja and Tuulia Talvio released their vegan ice cream book N’ice Cream and I can’t wait to get my hands n a copy.

Until I have my hands on that copy I’ll be drooling over Sophie of @thegreenlife’s Pistachio Ice Cream + Chocolate Cake Crumble creation from the book.

I downloaded this app by Dr Michael Greger who wrote the book How Not to Die where he presented the idea of the ‘daily dozen’; twelve things to include in your daily routine including foods, exercise and water. The app allows you to tick boxes and keep track of whether you include the items suggested on a daily basis, or not. For me this is a bit of fun but if you’re just starting out on a vegan diet this could be a great way of making sure that you’re getting a good amount of nutrients from whole food sources.


That’s it for my links this month, a little shorter than usual but since this is all still new to me I reserve the right to experiment. Let me know which format you’ve enjoy the most in the comments, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

I will leave you with my monthly favourites video posted to my youtube channel which I hope you’ve all checked out and maybe even subscribed to now. In this month’s video I’m talking about a few of my favourite convenience foods including my new favourite ice cream, an ethical clothing brand I developed a crush on, new vegan magazines and a rediscovered tv-series.

Enjoy and swim easy! x

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