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To this new chapter in Good Eatings history; the link love posts. Unfortunately this ones coming a day late but I blame this on the persistent cold I’ve been fighting off the last few days. This January link love post is going to be all about the things that happened in January and the things I enjoyed as I explored Stockholm, Netflix and the internet of course. Also if you enjoy reading these inspiration posts stay tuned for my guide to a vegan’s Stockholm coming to the blog soon! This post is like a little sneak peak of what’s to come, enjoy the chilly pics.

Now let’s get sharing, clicking and enjoying what life has to offer!


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I THOUGHT a good place to start would be by setting the soundtrack for this post and surely this has been the soundtrack for many this month as we said farewell to the ground breaking and beautiful musician that was David Bowie. So press play and give him a last thought before we forget as new things appear and disappear in the space and time of 2016. I do realise this is not technically a link but it is the only right way to go as we remember the month that’s past.

Rob on a hill with a view close to Zinkensdamm in Stockholm.

SOMETHING that really set the tone for this month in my life was Netflix and all the fantastic food related documentaries offered on this brilliant service. Here are my four favourites so far that are well worth watching to brush up on your facts and maybe even get inspired to change your lifestyle to a more plant based way (or rather they will most certainly make you think twice about your habits):


Food Inc.

Forks over Knives


Vegan cinnamon roll at Sattva Naturbargeri (Organic Bakery).

NOW THAT you’ve maybe watched one of those documentaries (or when you have) you might want some new food and recipe inspiration to feed your new plant powered lifestyle. Here are my four favourite picks from this month, one for each documentary:

Spaghetti w. Marinated Tempeh and Lemon/Chilli Sauce by Cashew Kitchen

Smoked Tofu and Pea Salad or Vegan ‘Fish’ Salad by Nourish Atelier

– Gochujang Sweet Potato w. Coriander and Sesame by Vegan Miam

 Vegan Pho w. Shiitake, Pak Choi and Marinated Tofu by Plant Feed

AND IF you still would like some more plant food inspiration here are my three latest Instagram crushes:




Turmeric Chai at Kaffeverket.

MAYBE YOU are like me and can never get enough of food related media and inspiration and if so this is for you! Here are my two favourite vegan recipe YouTube channels at the moment (next to my own of course, haha):

– HotforFood

– JennyMustard


NOW TO some more site specific items on this list and I’m sure you’ve been enticed by the images in this post and they’re all from the last three weeks that Rob and I spent in Stockholm. And since I’m writing a longer post about all my favourite places to go there I won’t be giving you the full scope right now but I of course want to give you some glimpses into where I enjoyed spending my time whilst there. With that I’m going to leave you and I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! If you have any links of your own to share with us please do so in the comments. x


– KaffeVerket

Sattva Naturbageri

Urban Om (Yoga and Meditation Centre)



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