Good Morning and Happy Sunday,

This fine spring day, the first one of May (that rhymes!) I bring you my link loves from April. Another month that simply flew by, maybe it’s because I’m getting older that time seems to just pass me by in a giant flurry. Is it just me or can you guys feel it too?

I’m hoping time will slow down for me or that I figure out a way to do it for myself really as we are heading into spring and summer. My favourite seasons, or actually parts of all seasons are my favourites to be honest. Although there is something very special seeing the trees bloom and people too as they come out of their winter cocoons. If you’ve ever visited or lived in Scandinavia during winter you’ll know what I’m talking about when I say cocoons.

In April I visited some of my favourite Scandinavians; my parents. You can even see glimpses of them here in this post. Maybe that’s too personal, I don’t know. I share so many aspects of my life on social media but for some reason including these images of my hometown and family in this post seems a little more personal. They exist in my life though and seemed a shame not sharing with you some of the best parts of the month that passed.

Rob and I met spring in Sweden, Scandinavian spring that i; a little bit of sun and quite a bit of rain. We did get the chance to enjoy family, the fresh air and walks in the woods though and it was pretty perfect. I even rowed a little boat with friends, first I rowed in circles and then I managed to steer the way into parking it myself (after stranding us in the high grass that is).

Wither way there was a lot of spring feels and love in the air and for that I’m happy and thankful.

Now let’s get to sharing some links to get us going with this new month of May!


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AS USUAL I’m starting with a tune that sets the mood for the month to come and reflects the feeling of what has been. Unfortunately this was the only embed-able youtube clip I could find of my chosen song for April so please ignore the video and scroll along fast simply listening to George Harrison’s and The Beatles’ Here Comes the Sun. Because it sure does! Yesterday was Valborgsmassoafton in Sweden where we welcome spring and it seems the weather here in Copenhagen caught on as well with beaming sunshine today. Welcome spring!

Some cows we met, waffles and sun bathing Swedish style at my mother’s house and my Dad looking like a tough guy.

LET’S START off with three cookbooks I’d like to get my hands on right now but can’t due to living out of an overflowing suitcase (trying to be minimal with packing but it’s. just. not. working.) and the fact buy cheap diazepam india that I’m never in one place long enough that I can accumulate the ingredients needed for cookbook cooking. But maybe you’re on the lookout for new cookbooks to inspire your vegan adventures and in that case I have you covered.

– Minimalist Baker’s Everyday Cooking

– Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen

The Love & Lemons Cookbook (this one is actually vegetarian but has vegan dishes and options)

Walks and meals with friends in the beautiful countryside around my hometown.

ALL THE THINGS I’d like to make and eat this May. Keeping it fresh and simple with some of my favourite bloggers and getting seriously into ferementing and kimchi. Still haven’t tried to make my own fermented goods, this has to change.

Cucumber Kimchi by Grown and Gathered

30 Minute Kimchi + Vegan Fish Sauce by Cook Republic

Thai Spring Rolls + Cashew Dipping Sauce by Minimalist Baker

Almost Raw Banoffe Pie by Oh, Lady Cakes

Off we went to greet spring in another location: Copenhagen.

NOW TO people that have been inspiring me on social media this past month. There are so many amazingly creative people our there and I love being able to share some of my favourites here each month. These three instagram I’ve chosen because they are perfect for spring and summer with bursts of colour and plant goodness.

 Heike of @tastyasheck brings you the loveliest and most vibrant plates of food and in addition she is one of the friendliest and most encouraging people I’ve met on social media.

– For lots of raw food goodness, giant buddha bowls and cute socks you should visit Bettina of @bettinas_kitchen.

– Last but definitely not least I give you summery food guru @talinegabriel behind the Hippie Lane recipe app.

A glimpse at our first days in Copenhagen.

FOR THOSE of you in the world not actually going into spring and summer right now but quite opposite or those of you who have the travel bug as much as me here comes some links that will keep you going or keep you wanting to go, go, go.

This lovely guide to Bolivia’s La Paz by Oh, Lady Cakes.
– Darren Brogan of @poetic_mouse shares a bunch of gorgeous travel pics on his  Instagram feed.
– The YouTube duo Mike & Jay Explore share some lovely shots and scenes in their travel videos with an impressive collection of countries and cities on offer. I’ve not seen that many yet but I’ve got some queued up. Disclaimer: this duo is not vegan and you will not find vegan food inspo here, simply travel gusto.

FINALLY I’d like to share with you my second favourites video all about what stuck with me in April and some kitchen items that will stick with me for the future as well. I hope you enjoy it and that you found this post inspiring.

Until next time take care of yourselves x

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