I can’t help but film these vlogs at the end of the month, I don’t know what’s happened! I’ve just entered a circle of doing these last minute. Either way I hope you will enjoy this March vlog where I spend time at home as well as show you around it a bit. There’s also a section where I share where many of my plates and bowls are from. Many of you have asked me so I thought this was a good place to show you. I hope you find it useful in some way!

This time around I also filmed most of the vlog on my own. It was actually a bit of a challenge but I’m glad to be freeing Rob from some of the filming. I hope you guys don’t notice that much of a difference but if you do that’s okay too. I just want to be more efficient and self sufficient when it comes to the vlogging. At least for now!

Wising you all a lovely Sunday and I hope you enjoy! x

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