Last weekend Rob and I visited Mineral in Malmö. A quite newly opened vegan restaurant and wine bar. In this post I would love to share our experience with you and show you all the images I felt inspired to take of the beautiful space they’ve created for their guests. I’ve also decided to call this series ‘vegans who lunch’ because one I think it’s funny and two I’ve already posted about lunches elsewhere and thought it might be good to gather all of these posts under one category. I hope you approve and enjoy this post!


Mineral is nestled in the neighbourhood which I’ve understood to be called S:t Knut in the larger area called Möllevången in Malmö. In my experience this is the young and hip centre of the city with quite a few fun restaurants such as sushi restaurant Saiko, dim sum place Dubbel Dubbel and Scania Bar where Mexico meets Korea (which I mentioned and filmed in this post). All with good vegan options and some kind of tie to Asia for some reason. Then there’s totally vegan places like Mineral as well as vegan supermarket Astrid och ApornaKao’s which is another vegan restaurant and now also vegan food truck Vegan Soul Train well placed in Folkets Park. You’ll also find what’s said to be Malmö’s best falafel places in Möllevången which are also supposed to be extremely vegan friendly; Möllans Falafel and Jalla jalla (I have yet to try these places for myself).

There’s also a fantastic bakery called Söderberg & Sara Bageri where you can get a mean loaf of sourdough. The very aesthetically pleasing and environmentally (and customer) friendly floral shop Florera. Super cute and totally up my alley vintage store and macrame heaven Butik Fabrik. And all these places are centred around S:t Knut square a stone’s throw from Mineral. It’s safe to say that this restaurant is in good company!


You’ll find a peaceful courtyard nestled between two apartment blocks and that’s Mineral’s outside seating area. On our visit the trees were in full pink bloom making this space incredibly beautiful and inviting. Those trees also offer some well needed shade on a hot day as you lunch away in the breeze.

Take a step inside and you’ll find a chic yet retro cool place which very much reminds both Rob and I of those trendy places on almost every corner in Berlin. They are not on every corner in Malmö though making this a sweet place to take a seat to soak up some stylish interior design. As always I especially appreciate the green plants strategically placed around the place making it feel more homely which could otherwise be completely lost in the grey box like rooms.

I really have no complaints about the space, however I didn’t use the rest room so maybe there’s a flaw there (I don’t think so) to this otherwise in my opinion flawless looking restaurant.


You’ll find a wholesome approach to vegan food at Mineral that Malmö isn’t necessarily known for. The lunch combo consists of a salad and a soup which both change on a regular basis. Or you could go for just the salad or the soup. Those are the choices you have though, that’s it. For me this is a non-issue making it so much easier to choose for someone who has a hard time deciding on things (me). On our visit the salad had potato, clack rice, sprouts, tomato and other goodies and the soup was a wine infused tomato concoction.

While I mentioned wine I should add that Mineral is a wine bar as well as restaurant and Rob enjoyed the house red with lunch. He did regret not getting the white but not because of the wine just because it was only lunch after all. Apparently one drinks white at lunch, I couldn’t tell you though I’m afraid. They had an array of non-alcoholic options too of course although I opted for water. Which at one point almost drank out of the jug as I happened to be a little drunk on sunshine and interior decorating awe at the time.

For dessert Rob and I shared a pear tarte which was really delicious. I asked for a recipe but wasn’t able to lure it out of the chef so I’ll have to try to recreate it. Either way that piece of cake was worth the visit alone. In general the food was very simple and that’s how I like it really. If you want a taste explosion Mineral’s lunch might not be the thing for you. But there’s always dinner and I would love to go back and spend an evening in the relaxing environment at Mineral to find out what more there is!



Tuesday – Thursday noon until 23 pm

Friday + Saturday noon until midnight

Sankt Knuts väg 13

Malmö, Sweden

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