February came and went and it’s more than time for me to share my February vlog. Maybe this month I’ll manage to share the vlog within the month I film it. Let’scross our fingers and hold our thumbs (the latter is what we do here in Sweden).

In this vlog Rob and I go off to Malmö to stock upon groceries for the week and go to our favourite places to find food in the city. This trip was prompted by my clearing frenzy of last month which I shared all about in the last vlog. When February was almost finished we had cooked with and eaten most miscellaneous items as well as staples in my cupboards and it felt good to stock up on some necessities again. However my grocery shopping definitely reflected some things I learned from my clearing experience. Here are some things I take with me from the clearing month:

  • Planning my meals better and writing clear shopping lists so that I buy only things I need and not random foods that look interesting in the moment.
  • I have a tendency to buy things I find fun but don’t necessarily have a purpose for, in the future I will only buy such an item if I promise myself to experiment with it straight away.
  • I learned to enjoy the process of cooking my own beans from dried, something that is so much easier than I ever imagined and tastes much yummier on top of saving me some cashitos.

With that said I hope you can take something away from me sharing my experiences and my new food shopping behaviours. I will also share a bean cooking tutorial on my instagram this weekend so stay tuned for that and follow along there if you haven’t yet! x