Rob and I have lived in Sweden for over a year now and I thought it’s about time that I give you some tips on where to go if you ever visit. We live about a one hour drive away from Malmö which is Sweden’s third largest city and we’ve visited the sea side city quite a lot since moving over. Even though Malmö is the third largest city it’s not very big, it’s proportionate to the country I guess, and houses roughly 330 000 people. It’s way larger than our little village but still not anywhere near the size of London where we used to live. Either way we love visiting and enjoying the cafes, restaurants and shops available to us there. And a perk of the size of Malmö is that you can walk around the central parts which we really enjoy. I think renting a bike would be another great way to get around the city. As we were walking around Malmö on our self-proclaimed day off and filming this vlog I thought I should list three of the places I love in Malmö for you. If you enjoy this post please let me know and I’ll do more Malmö related posts, there are loads more spots that I could share with you. So, here goes the first one.


Scania Bar

This is the place Rob and I have eaten at the most times since living in Sweden. It’s a Meixcan and Korean fusion restaurant set in a bar environment. The food is inspired by street food and is served in disposable bowls. If there’s a down side to the place it’s this. Their vegan bibimbap makes up for it though. A rice bowl topped with the tofu you usually find wrapped around rice at sushi restaurants, seaweed salad, pickles, black beans and spicy as well as a milder green sauce. On he side a deep fried wheat cracker that is to die for. It might sound like a strange combo but believe me you won’t regret trying this fusion bibimbap!


Bageri Leve

This bakery and pastry shop has been very talked about for the vegan donuts they offer every Friday. We were sadly not there on a Friday but visited on a Thursday instead but we had a fantastic experience nonetheless. I had the most beautiful vegan baked goodie I have ever had in the shape of a mini tarte with a sea buckthorn filling and sweet aquafaba meringue to top. Rob had a sweet wheat bun filled with house made apple sauce. We also brought home their ‘grötbröd’ which is a sourdough bread with a porridge base. Everything we had at this charming and modern meets rustic bakery gets ten out of ten. A must visit for vegans in Malmö who like to ‘fika’.


AB Småland

This is a concept store with focus on sustainability. You can find beautiful clothes, home wares and plants here. Not all vegan and not for all wallets but still a great place for inspiration and mooching around. They even have a very cosy café where they serve oat milk coffees and always have something vegan to snack on. I usually buy my bamboo tooth brushes here and dream of what I want our home to look like and what should go on my Christmas wish list.


Have you guys been to Malmö? Where are your favourite spots? x



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