I used to make the original version of this cake so often as a teenager. Me and my friend Stina would make it on movie nights and basically eat the whole thing. So there’s definitely some nostalgia attached to this cake! This particular version was adapted from Swedish baking blogger Camilla Hamid’s recipe. In the place of eggs, white sugar and wheat flour there is tahini, maple syrup, black beans and oats. It doesn’t have quite as gooey of an inside but it’s still damn delicious and definitely contains a few more beneficial nutrients. Not to say that dessert should be healthy but if it’s equally tasty and a little healthier then why not!

I serve it with some vegan whipped cream but you could totally whip up the solid part of a can of full fat coconut milk to make whipped coconut cream if you prefer. On top I pile on some thawed mixed berries as this rich chocolate cake does really well with a little bit of freshness and brightening up.

This cake stores really well in the fridge and I actually like it best when it’s completely cooled down and refrigerated as it gets a more fudgy consistency. After refrigerating it doesn’t have that traditional gooey texture like I mentioned but this is good all on it’s own level!

Malin x

Black Bean Chocolate Cake

Serves 8-12.


For the cake:

90 g (2 dl) oats, mixed into a fine flour

400 g black beans, rinsed

110 g (1 dl) light and pourable tahini

250 g (2 dl) maple syrup

0,5 tsp vanilla extract

60 g (0,5 dl) strong coffee

65 g (1,5 dl) unsweetened cocoa or cacao powder

0,5 tsp salt

A little coconut oil or vegan margarine, for the spring form

To serve:

Whipped vegan cream or coconut cream

Berries, fresh or thawed from frozen

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