Spring has sprung, or at least started to, here in Malmö and the solar power is making me crave salads and not just any salad but THIS salad. It came about from a fridge clean out basically and a fennel bulb I didn’t know what to do with. Now, since it’s inception, I eat it at least once a week and I’m not even close to feeling tired of it. It is a super green salad with a simple creamy dressing made with cashews and vegan yogurt and it is absolutely delicious!

One of the things that makes it delicious are what it’s topped with and in this recipe I let you choose between cooking up some vegan “chicken” pieces or chickpeas in what sounds so simple and really is; chicken seasoning. Or steak seasoning – whatever you have lying around or enjoy the most. Cooking vegan foods in seasonings that remind us of the things we used to eat before going vegan can really be very satisfying. Often it is not the meat itself we love to eat so much as the flavour of what it is cooked in and if you use the best vegan “chicken” pieces you can find I am pretty sure you can fool most people it isn’t even vegan these days. If that’s your thing, ha!

I personally enjoy the two options equally and have also had it with a mix of chickpeas and vegan “chicken” which is probably my favourite. And don’t worry you can cook both in the same pan, just follow the instructions in the recipe and mix to your heart’s content. Then enjoy the delicious mix of this warm and savoury topping along with the crunchy green salad base and creamy dressing. It might just be salad heaven.

Malin x

The Super Green Salad with Creamy Dressing

Serves 4


For the dressing:

0,5 cup raw cashews

0,25 cup vegan greek yogurt

0,5 cup soy milk

0,5 lemon

2 tbsp nutritional yeast

Salt and black pepper, to taste

For the salad:

1 head of romaine lettuce

1 fennel bulb

0,5 cucumber

4 large handfuls of rocket

2 cans of chickpeas


320 g frozen vegan “chicken” pieces

1 tbsp avocado oil

1,5 tsp chicken seasoning

0,5 tsp garlic powder

Top with:

2 shallots

1 jar of marinated artichokes

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