I’m so excited to announce that my first ever e-book Comfort is released today. It has 189 pages worth of inspiration, information, recipes and imagery. There are more than 65 of my favourite recipes in it and all of them are vegan of course. All of the recipes are also gluten free. There’s everything from breakfast and staples to mains and desserts and everything in between. I write about what comfort food means to me, how to create it in the vegan kitchen and how to conjure the elusive fifth flavour umami in vegan food. I can’t wait for you to read it.

In this video I cook up three recipes from the book in a delicious comfort food what I eat in a day. I really hope you enjoy!

Malin x

our first ebook


As the title suggests, this e-book is all about food that feels like a comforting and warm embrace. It is filled with our favourite comfort food recipes and many of the dishes included have been on rotation at our’s for a good long while. The book is a curation of recipes that have been shared on our channels previously, many of them are new and improved and 18 of them are completely new and never seen before on any of our channels.

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