A question or topic that still seems to pop up every January as Veganuary is trending is around protein on vegan diets. Do we get enough? What sources are high in protein? How much do you actually need in a day to begin with? And the questions keep coming and the opinions seem to be many. So in this video I explore the subject.

I share the insights I learned as I studied basic nutrition during my health coaching course. Practical information that you can use if you are new to a plant based or vegan diet or worried about getting enough protein in general. While I chat about protein this and that I also take you along for a day on my plate as I cook up some high protein vegan meals.

As always I include lots of vegan whole foods and in this video I use no protein powders or other supplements to up my protein and still managed to exceed what I require for a day according to the guidelines that the government provide here in Sweden. Good right!? I hope you enjoy the meal ideas in the video and find the information useful. And! Stay on until the end of the video if you want to see the macro nutrient break down as I used an app all day long to track my protein intake.

Malin x