When I moved to London (ten years ago now, wow!) I was shocked by how everyone ate sandwiches for lunch. Growing up in Sweden where hot food is expected for lunch it was definitely a culture shock. Let’s say that the Swede in me was not impressed but, with that said, these days I’ve really come to appreciate a good sandwich and this video is a celebration of that. Sandwiches are easy and quick to make, especially if you’ve done some prep ahead of time or did some smart grocery shopping. They are also tasty and can definitely be pretty nutritious too.

While I was skeptical about sandwiches for lunch for cultural reasons I feel like today bread has become a villain on the health scene which has given the sandwich a bad rap. I am definitely not subscribing to this narrative. In Bread is delicious and carbs are a great source, even our bodies’ main and preferred source, of energy. To get the most out of your sandwich make sure to choose a good whole grain bread. Maybe even one with seeds! But we also can’t deny the deliciousness of a good light sourdough here and there I think. And for those of you who are sensitive or allergic to gluten then there are more and more options on the market so just find your favourite and sandwich away.

In the video I make three of what I think are the best vegan sandwich fillings. When I first went vegan I could have definitely used a video like this as I was pretty clueless. So I hope it will be helpful to some of you new vegans out there who also have no clue of what to put in your, now vegan, sandwich. The fillings I make are also really great for meal prepping so that you have delicious and nutritious spreads and toppings on hand whenever you need them throughout the week.

Find the recipes here: vegan “egg” salad sandwich, tempeh “bacon” and sauerkraut on rye and veggie packed sandwich with roasted bell pepper spread.

Malin x