This post is all about a classic sandwich combo I loved growing up made plant based with my vegan take on an “egg” salad sandwich.

My mamma used to make a kind of egg salad for my sister and me growing up whenever we had a school trip. That’s the only time we ever brought our own lunch to school as school meals are funded by taxes here in Sweden. That made these moments really special and it was always great fun to get to bring “picnic” to school and I always loved my mum’s egg salad. She also used to call it äggmojs which if you know Swedish sounds really funny, and maybe does even if you don’t know it.

So, this recipe is my take on my mum’s egg salad. I swapped the egg out of course and used a medium firm tofu instead. It really is a very similar texture to egg white. Then to make it actually taste like egg I used Indian black salt, or kala namak, which surprisingly makes this taste exactly like the real deal. I kid you not! If you never tried it before and like that egg-y flavour then this is a must have in your pantry.

I make my salad with a mixture of (vegan) mayo and (vegan) creme fraiche as well as some finely chopped leek the way my mamma would. I did however leave out the ketchup she usually squeezes in but if you are feeling adventurous feel free to ad 1-2 tsp of ketchup and see how you like it. I’ll leave that decision up to you!

Also check out my other delicious sandwich ideas that were featured alongside this one in this youtube video; my vegan take on an vegan “egg” salad sandwich and this veggie packed sandwich with roasted bell pepper spread.

Malin x

Vegan Egg Salad Sandwich

Serves 2-4.


For the “egg” salad:

200 g medium firm tofu

0,5 tsp kala namak / Indian black salt

5 cm piece of leek, finely chopped

2 tbsp vegan mayonnaise

2 tbsp vegan creme fraiche

1 tsp mustard, optional

1 tbsp nutritional yeast

A pinch if ground turmeric

Black pepper, to taste

Other components:

Bread of your choice, I used seeded brown bread rolls

Lettuce leaves

Cress microgreens

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