Even with the weather being a bit rocky as I write this spring has sprung and I have decided that no matter the weather I am firmly in spring now. With that said here comes a deliciously fresh and vibrant quick meal. This soba noodle salad with shaved fennel and cabbage takes no longer than 20 minutes to make. Perfect for those days when the sun is out and you’d rather be out enjoying it than at home cooking up a storm. So today I offer you a small storm in the shape of this salad!

If you’ve got a mandolin I suggest you put it to use as it’ll make for nice and thin slices of the crispy veg. I also add some edamame beans to this dish for some good plant protein. I always by mine shelled and frozen which makes for speedy preparation. I like to just soak them in boiling water for a couple of minutes straight out of the freezer. It works a treat for speeding up the thawing process but if you remember you can always leave them on the counter in the morning and by dinner time they should be perfect to use.

What really ties this dish together though and makes it really tasty is the dressing. It has a base of soy sauce which gives it lots of savoury umami. Adding to that is some lime for tang and some toasted sesame oil as well as toasted sesame seeds which makes for a nutty aroma and nice crunch. Definitely don’t leave the dressing out and enjoy!

Malin x

Crunchy Soba Noodle Salad

Serves 4


Sesame dressing:

0,3 cup soy sauce or tamari

1 lime, juice only

1 tbsp toasted sesame oil

1 tbsp maple syrup

0,25 cup toasted sesame seeds

For the salad:

1,5 cup thinly sliced fennel

1,5 cub shredded white cabbage

2 cups shredded purple cabbage

300 g soba noodles

2 cups shelled edamame beans

3-4 spring onions