This is the quickest, easiest and dare I say yummiest quick lunch there is. It has few ingredients but still manages to pack a punch in the flavour arena and offer good nutrition and satiation as well. If you’re quick about it you can make this in about ten minutes and I kno we all need some of those meals once in a while. It is quicker than ordering take away even! And the red pesto chickpeas are just a heavenly match to boot.

In this recipe I use store bought pesto for ease but you could of course make your own. Here is a recipe that you can use if you’ve got some extra time on your hands. But it’ll be equally delicious with store bought of course!

Malin x

Red Pesto Chickpeas and Kale on Toast

Serves 4


2 cans (460 g drained) chickpeas

150 g cavolo nero

4 tbsp vegan red pesto

4-8 slices of rye bread or gluten-free alternative, depending on the size

Top with:

Toasted pumpkin seeds

A handful of microgreens, optional