Midsummer’s eve is just around the corner and as a Swede this is probably my favourite holiday after Christmas. So, to share the love and celebrate together I’d like to present to you this decadent and delicious recipe for Swedish savoury cheesecake. It might sound weird but I know many of you are already on board the savoury cake concept after I shared this sandwich cake recipe so I’m hoping to convert a few more of you with this recipe!

The cake is a very simple two layer affair just like most traditional cheesecakes but of course rather different seeing as it is served more as a main dish or starter than a dessert. The base is made with vegan butter and bread, very simple, and the top layer is inspired by the sea with vegan cream cheese serving as the carrier of the flavours.

If you’ve seen my summer time Swedish recipes before you’ll recognise the ingredients in the filling as they are inspired by the Swedish seafood dip called skagenröra. You can find a vegan skagenröra recipe here if you want to try that too. The main component making it seafood-esque is the use of vegan caviar made from seaweed. I hope this is a product that is spreading more widely across the globe as it has been a lovely addition to the vegan market here in Sweden for a very long time. I think it was maybe invented as a more affordable option to regular caviar but nonetheless it is much loved and used by the vegan community in Sweden. If you cannot find it in a supermarket near you sometimes Ikea will carry this product in their deli.

You can also include some toasted nori seaweed into the mix for more sea flavour. Simply cut or chop it up small and stir it through the top layer mixture. You can do this whether you use the vegan caviar or not but it’s definitely necessary if leaving out the caviar. It won’t be a perfect substitute but it’s the best we have.

The cheesecake will hopefully bring you much joy either way and I hope you have fun decorating it if you make it. It is one of my favourite parts of making cakes and midsummer is a great time for herbs and edible flowers so go all in! Also feel free to be creative and decorate in any pattern and style you want – no need to follow my image here – just enjoy!

Malin x

Savoury Swedish Midsummer Cheesecake

Serves 8-10


For the base layer:

9 slices (260 g) brown bread, traditionally kavring bread

100 g vegan butter or margarine

For the top layer:

400 g extra firm tofu

450 g vegan cream cheese

100 g vegan seaweed caviar

1 red onion

1 small bunch fresh dill + more for garnish

1 lemon, zest and juice

1 tsp or more of salt

To decorate:

Dill fronds

Microgreens, I used radish

Edible flowers, I used pansies and corn flowers