Happy Valentine’s with this home cooked three course plant forward menu.

For the fourth year in a row we have created a video to celebrate Valentine’s day with a three course menu. As always it finishes with a chocolate-y dessert, this time in the form of a deliciously fudgie brownie. Yes I jumped straight to dessert, excuse me. The menu actually starts with a beetroot tarte tatin complete with jammy red onion and fermented cashew cheese. The main course is a green oven-baked risotto with mixed herb pesto. It is equal parts creamy and fresh tasting. These thre dishes are a feast for the eyes, if I may say so myself, and this menu might be our best to date. I’ll let you decide though because you can check out our previous menus here: 2020, 2021 and 2022. I hope you find something you like in these festive menus and remember that food is love whether you are cooking for your own pleasure or to share with others!

Malin x