Who doesn’t love brownies!? I think those people are few and far between and I know I love them. So of course I needed to make some that hold up to the pressure that brownies have on them not to be too cakey or too gooey while also making them both vegan and gluten free. It wasn’t the easiest task but after a few test rounds I think I have succeeded at the task.

These brownies are definitely no whole food treat but sometimes a brownie just needs to be a brownie. Savour them when you chew down and share them with family and friends – they will give you chocolate drunk hugs after (it is almost guaranteed).

These brownies are fudgie as they are after cooling but become even more so if you refrigerate them before eating. If you like a really dense and chewy, fudgie brownie then I can really recommend this method. Otherwise just top it with your favourite treat like whipped vegan cream or oat based ice cream straight away or simply enjoy the rich chocolate treat as is with your go to hot drink.

This recipe is part of my valentine’s three course menu, which I shared on YouTube, alongside this beetroot tarte tatin for the starter and this green oven-baked risotto for the main course.

Malin x

Fudgie Brownies

Makes 12


1 cup (135 g) gluten free all purpose flour

0,5 cup (50 g) unsweetened cocoa powder

1,5 tsp ground coffee beans

0,25 tsp vanilla bean powder

0,25 tsp flaky sea salt

150 g dark 70% chocolate

110 g vegan butter

0,5 cup aquafaba

1 cup (150 g) light muscovado suger

Optional add-ins:

50 g of dark 70% chocolate chips*


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