Happy New Year, let's have a fabulous 2022!

In this video to start a new year on YouTube I take a look at my favourite recipes from my catalogue of 2021. While it’s usually not beneficial to dwell on the past too much it’s a good thing to reflect on what’s been and see what good things we can take with us into the new year. This video is this concept in recipe format and I hope you’ll feel inspired to eat more plants or try something new this year as you watch it!

They recipes are 8 of my favourite recipes created for my youtube channel last year that I think are worthy of remembering and making again and again. Most of them are savoury main dishes but there’s also a delicious dessert and a warming hot drink, both perfect for the cold season we’re having here in the Northern hemisphere. You can find all the recipes linked down below and in the video I have placed cards to the full videos from which I pulled each recipe in case you missed it and want to watch it now for the full immersion.

Now that I’ve shared the dishes I’ll be cooking again this year I’d love to know if there’s any particular recipe that was a favourite in your kitchen last year? What will you be cooking up in 2022? And what new dishes or foods do you want to try as you embark on the new year?

Malin x

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