When I worked in a cafe in London chai lattes became all the rage and I liked it A LOT. Nowadays I make my own masala chai at home in a more traditional South Asian way, that is where this fabulous drink originates from, with loose leaf black tea, whole spices and my sweetener of choice which happens to be maple syrup for it’s rich undertone. To be honest I prefer this drink so much more and I think you will too and if you’ve never tried chai you are in for an absolute treat!

Malin x

Vegan Masala Chai

Serves 2.


1 star anise

4 cloves

6 Green cardamom pods

6 peppercorns

0,5 cinnamon sticks

3 thin ginger slices

1 tbsp black loose leaf tea

1 cup water

1 cup plant milk, I use oat or soy

2 tsp maple syrup