Update your healthy and speedy packed lunch repertoire with these recipes!

Autumn is slowly creeping in and most of us are back to school and work at this point. Whether you work or study from home or away there is always a need for a prepared or quick lunch to fuel the day and in this video I bring you three recipes that are perfect for this assignment.

The recipes are centred around my favourite pulse – the chickpea! And they shouldn’t take you more than 15 minutes to throw together. Without compromising on flavour or nutrients. In fact legumes, or pulses, are nutrient power houses and planet friendly too. Plus they taste good when prepared right so there are three great reasons to make these lunch recipes this week. Or for dinner for that matter. Some of them even work for breakfast I think personally so get in the kitchen and grab those chickpeas!

Check out the recipes here: lemon and dill chickpea salad sandwich, green chickpea salad with kale, fennel and courgette and herbacious hummus bowl with harissa and tomato.

Malin x