The best season for fresh vegetables has come to us here in Sweden and one of my all time favourite foods is offered in abundance at the market. That means this video is all about sweetcorn because sweetcorn is life this time of year! Wouldn’t you agree?

The concept for the video is simple. I show you how to char corn at home, without a grill, simply using a griddle pan. Then I share three recipes that I like to put together using the corn cooked this way. I make Mexican street corn or elotes as they are called in Spanish, a fresh and crunchy salad as well as a delicious charred corn salsa. I also show you how to put that salsa to use in some delicious vegan tacos.

Let’s get corn-y together (sorry about this bad dad-pun but I couldn’t resist) and join me as I cook up cob after cob in my kitchen!

Find the recipes here: vegan elotes, charred corn salad with lime and miso dressing and charred corn salsa.

Malin x