It’s been a while! I’ve been on a blogging, vlogging, content creating break. Or a figuring things out and studying a lot break. Now I’m glad to be here this evening finally to share this very belated hometown vlog which we filmed back in December before Christmas. Sorry it is a little out of date but at least the snow lays thick here still so I can imagine while watching the video that it’s actually the right time, maybe you can too?

I’m looking forward to sharing more videos with you soon that are more current. Maybe I will film one soon so that you can see the snow ambien online that has been coming down hard the last few days. It’s winter wonderland here. I was expecting spring though, haha. You never know here in Sweden! Even though we live in the very southern part.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this vlog and I promise to be back soon with more food related posts as well as more current vids. I’m also figuring out some health and nutrition related posts and videos to share with you all inspired by my health coaching course. I hope that’ll be something you’re interested in. But for now I’m sending you all much love – see you soon! x


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