When you want something really fresh on your plate then this green chickpea salad is the one. It has crunch, zest, crisp, cool, and everything else deliciously green. The kale, courgette and fennel is accompanied by apple for some sweetness and tossed in a lemon vinaigrette that makes the mellow flavours bright and zingy. I’ve also snuck some nutritional yeast in there for a little bit of savoury as well. Then there are the chickpeas that have their own thing going on and make the salad all the more satisfying.

Eat it as is for a light lunch or dinner or serve with bread on the side for a more filling meal. This salad also packs up great in your lunch box for work or school!

If you want more speedy packed lunch ideas check out this lemon and dill chickpea salad sandwich and this herbacious hummus bowl with harissa and tomato that were also featured in this video along with this salad.

Malin x

Green Chickpea Salad with Kale, Courgette, Fennel and Apple

Serves 2


Lemon vinaigrette:

Juice from 0,5 lemon, roughly 2 tbsp

2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

1 tsp dijon mustard

0,5 tsp agave syrup or other liquid sweetener

1 tbsp nutritional yeast

0,5 tsp garlic powder

Salt and black pepper, to taste


150 g cavolo nero/dino kale

0,5 head of fennel

1 medium courgette

1 small green apple

1 can of chickpeas (230 g drained)

1 avocado, optional

Top with:

Umami seed mix or sub for any savoury seed mix