This hummus bowl is loosely inspired by one that we had at Two Forks, a hummus restaurant here in Malmö. It has got a great combination of creamy, from the hummus, and fresh from the tomato and herb salad that goes on top. It is very simple to make but doesn’t disappoint flavour wise and is made all the better with a little dollop of spicy harissa paste.

You could make this meal in about 15 minutes and enjoy it for lunch or dinner at home (or even breakfast) but it also packs up great for a packed lunch that will make you look forward to your break!

If you want more speedy packed lunch ideas check out this lemon and dill chickpea salad sandwich and this green chickpea salad with kale, fennel and courgette that were also featured in this video along with this bowl.

Malin x

Herbacious Hummus Bowl

Serves 2


0,75-1 batch of classic hummus

Top with:

0,5-1 tsp harissa paste, depending on your spice preference

Herb and tomato salad:

0,5 cup each of fresh parsley and mint leaves, loosely packed

2 spring onions

250 g cherry tomatoes

1 tbsp lemon juice

Salt, to taste

Serve with:

Wholewheat pita bread or gluten free alternative