Spring is in full swing and summer is just around the corner and that means asparagus season! Let’s celebrate by making some deliciously creamy lemon pasta topped with fried asparagus. The sauce itself is made with cashews for the ultimate vegan creamy base and flavoured with lemon zest and juice which gives it a super fresh flavour. I dare to say that this is a creamy pasta that is also refreshing. Plus it has lovely bites of asparagus for texture, flavour and beautiful green colour. It is like spring in a bowl as well as both easy and yummy – just the way I like it. And I hope you too!

Malin x

Creamy Lemon and Asparagus Pasta

Serves 4


For the lemon sauce:

1 cup cashew nuts

1 cup soy milk

1 lemon, zest and juice

1 garlic clove, minced

2 tbsp brine from a jar of capers

3 tbsp nutritional yeast

1 tsp onion powder

Salt and black pepper, to taste

For the asparagus:

500 g asparagus

1 tbsp olive oil

Salt and black pepper, to taste

To serve:

4 servings of linguine, cooked in salted water

1 lemon, zest only

Fresh basil

Brazil nut “parmesan”, optional

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