These date and fennel truffles are inspired by a chocolate bar I had from an artisan chocolate studio in Dubai. Rob and I used to spend quite a bit of time there as his father worked there for a few years and I think this chocolate bar with the soft and delicious filling is one of my favourite flavour experiences from this time. So in this recipe I want to bring that to you too.

These truffles are very simple to make and the date and fennel filling is completely made from whole food ingredients like gooey dates, almond butter and fennel seeds with the addition of a little coconut oil to help with setting. This filling mixture comes together in minutes, is set in the freezer and then dipped in chocolate. Before you know it you’ve made the perfect holiday treat perfect for gifting or enjoying with friends and family!

If you are looking for some more chocolate-y treats check out this crunchy biscuit rocky road and these almond butter cups that were also featured in this video along with these almond butter cups.

Malin x

Fennel and Date Filled Chocolate Truffles

Makes 25-30 small truffles


10 soft and gooey dates

2 tbsp almond butter

1 tbsp coconut oil, melted

1 tsp fennel seeds

0,5 cup almond meal

Pinch of salt

100 g dark chocolate

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