As a Swede I never really ate rocky road growing up, I’m not even sure my parents would know what it is even today if I asked them, so I’m not quite sure whether it’s an abomination or not to use the name to describe the chocolate treat. Basically it’s chocolat covered goodness so in that sense it makes sense to me to call it a biscuit rocky road but I realise I have taken away the candy and swapped it for dried fruit, nuts and biscuits which is not at all the same.

However you feel about it know that I am talking in loose terms here and give this treat a chance either way because you won’t regret it. There’s lots of crunch, some chewiness and lots of chocolate to coat it all and the combination of textures is probably my favourite thing about this recipe. There’s also a nice mix of tangy, sweet and salty which is always a good thing, wouldn’t you agree?

You could also play around with the filling ingredients and swap the almonds for other nuts or seeds or the cranberries for otyher dried fruits. In my book though – these are the ingredients I would pick time and time again for this holiday inspired, chocolate encased, glorious morcel of deliciousness.

If you are looking for some more chocolate-y treats check out this almond butter cups and these fennel and date truffles that were also featured in this video along with these almond butter cups.

Malin x

Crunchy Biscuit Rocky Road

Makes 8 longer pieces or 16 smaller ones


75 g biscuits of your choice

75 g dried cranberries

75 g salted almonds

0,5 tsp sea salt flakes

150 g 70% dark chocolate

45 g maple syrup

30 g vegan butter

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