We all need an extra little pick me up in the morning from time to time and then this chocolate granola is the perfect thing. It is also there for you when you just want to give yourself a little more of a luxurious start to the day. It is also great in the afternoon when you get snacky and want something sweet to munch on.

I’m happy to also let you know that it’s dead easy to make and more affordable than the store bought version. If you want to make it a little more budget friendly still you could use more of the seeds and less nuts or change to a more affordable nut option like walnuts. You could also use another liquid sweetener like agave syrup or rice malt syrup. It’ll still be equally delicious, enjoy!

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Malin x

Chocolate Granola

Serves 6-8.


2 cups oats

1 cup seeds

1 cup nuts

1,5 tbsp cacao powder

Pinch of salt

0,25 cup neutral oil, I used rapeseed

0,25 cup maple syrup