Granola! Granola, granola, granola. It really can be so many things and pretty much always comes out tasting awesome. I love granola. I love it on smoothies, on top of my porridge, with yoghurt, nut milk or even as a snack on its own. This is a very simple recipe with a delicious and rich result.

This recipe has very few ingredients and that is always a plus in my book. It really only contains staples that I keep in the pantry at all times like nuts, oats, cinnamon and neutral tasting oil as well as maple syrup. Mixed together it becomes a rather decadent tasting granola and now that Christmas is getting closer I want cinnamon in pretty much everything and anything. Meaning this could be a great addition to your Christmas holiday breakfast if you will.

It only takes about 30 min to make from start to finish and 25 of those you really have to do very little, like shake the oven tray ones or twice. I make this in the mornings on weekends and days off and eat it warm. I do usually have to eat a little snack whilst I wait though as I’m the kind of person who almost always wakes up ravenous – so if you’re like me you can always prepare your granola while meal prepping or the night before you want to have it for an easy and quick breakfast. Enjoy!

Malin x

Active cooking time 5 min, total cooking time 30 min.

Makes one large jar.



3 cups oats

1 cup unsalted nuts, I used almond and pistachios

0,5 cup dried coconut shavings

1 tbsp cinnamon

0,3 cup pure maple syrup

0,3 cup neutral tasting oil such as rapeseed


Preheat oven to 150 degrees celsius and line an oven tray with baking paper.

Place all dry ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix (if you have thin coconut shavings you might need to leave those out and add to the oven halfway through baking).

Mix all dry ingredients in large bowl except for dried fruits.

Add all wet ingredients and mix until combined.

Place on prepared oven tray and pinch in a few places to make some clusters.

Bake for 25 min, mixing the granola a couple of times so that no pieces get burnt.

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