Summer equals the best fruit season here in Sweden. We both have good berries growing at home and get the best imported seasonal fruit like watermelon. This red summer fruit salad celebrates this and it also combines all my favourite summer fruits (except for nectarine).

I top the salad with fresh mint which grows in abundance in many’s gardens at the moment. This salad is a great way of putting at least a small amount of it to use. If you don’t have mint on hand though you could simply leave it out or basil would be a great alternative. Sounds strange but tastes wonderful, I promise!

Also check out my other summer brunch worthy recipes that were featured alongside this one in this youtube video; chocolate granola and tofu scramble with roasted tomatoes.

Malin x

Red Summer Fruit Salad

Serves 4.


0,5 small watermelon

1,5 cups of sweet cherries

1,5 cups fresh strawberries

0,5 lime

5-6 fresh mint leaves