Happy Saturday Everyone,

After getting some requests from you guys I have made a home tour showing you where I live and how we have decorated the house we rent. It’s been seven months now since we moved to the Swedish countryside and we have just agreed with our landlords to continue renting. So far it’s been very different from our previous lifestyle living in London and I do feel that I have more of a chance to focus in on projects and have gained clarity to carry them through being here. It’s also a wonderful thing that we have taken the time to drive to nature reserves and other places where we can experience nature’s wonders which is something we didn’t often do before.  

The things I miss are the things you get an abundance of in the city; people watching, restaurants and cafes, arts and other events. We still get a dose of that bustle now and then though as we travel or drive to the cities close to us. And the time spent without an infinite influx of impressions make those moments when we do experience the city with all the marvels much more special.

We cannot wait until spring arrives and everything turns green, the birds sing louder and the sun will wake us earlier. It will also be an exciting time because we get to tend our own garden, grow vegetables and learn about nurturing and foraging plants. There will also hopefully be more opportunities to make road trips, hikes and explorations around the region. All in all we are very happy with our choice to move from the city and into the wild (not really that wild to be honest).

To make sure I didn’t leave food completely out of the picture I share what I’m keeping in my fridge at the moment. I’ve seen a whole bunch of my fave insta-friends do this in their stories so I thought I would follow on the trend but make it more permanent by including it in the video. I hope you like it, enjoy! x

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