Hi Guys,

So many of you ask me what camera gear and editing programmes I use so I made this video to show you ones and for all! I show you all the things we use on a regular basis and then Rob and I sat down to discuss why we use the items we use and also give some ideas of things you could get on a smaller budget.

Our gear has been accumulated by Rob for a very long time and is something we use professionally and something we make money from. Therefore we have spent a fair few monies on the equipment and it is not necessarily what we’d recommend to a beginner so if you do want some tips for starter kits listen to our discussion towards the end of the video.

I do want to say to you all that taking beautiful photos does not necessarily have much to do with your gear; it’s about your creativity. Of course tools are important but knowing how to use the tool at hand and your eye for composition and other generic for valium visuals are equally, if not more, important. Use what you have until you’ve got the right budget for the gear you really want and utilise your thrifty side to create stunning photos. You’ll always be able to draw on those skills you learned before you had all the gear in the world. It’s the little tricks and an eye for detail that make you a good photographer. I think it’s all about start small and work yourself up to a good setup and learning a lot about your process along the way.

I hope you all find this useful and if you have any other questions please leave them down below and Rob and I will maybe make a q&a video at some point to answer those more specific questions.

Sending you much love from a warm and sunny Dubai! x


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