I’m proud to present my first ever collab video! In this what I eat in a day my friend and fellow vegan youtube colleague Alexandra decides what I’m going to have all day. I cook her recipes for breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner and have lots of fun doing it. Alexandra posts all her recipes on her app Fivesec Health which has more than 100 free recipes and plenty more if you want to try a paid subscription. I really enjoyed the recipes I tried and they are all available free of charge. If you want to make them search for these titles in the app: Nourish Smoothie Bowl, Creamy Pesto Pasta, Mushroom Facon Toast and Winter Roast Bowl.

Of course Alexandra also made a video where I choose her meals for a day, check it out below, and subscribe to Alexandra’s youtube channel for lots of wholesome vegan food inspiration. Luckily she liked the dishes I chose for her, phew.

I hope you guys enjoy the videos and that you get some ideas for your next meal!

Malin x