In this video I talk all about rekindling habits that went awol during this past year. I do so in hopes that my experiences and strategies to bring them back to life will be helpful also to you.

It’s been a challenging year and a bit for dare I say all of us and some, like me, have found it very hard to stick to (or adapt) those feel good habits we had that make life run smooth. For me it’s been a constant struggle of on and off for a long time and at the moment I have finally gathered some momentum in the energy department and feel ready to build some simple routines and habits again.

While it is hard to get habits back up and running I know how much better I feel when they’re in place and running without me having to think much about them. It’s the initial start up period that takes a little bit of effort and I hope me sharing this video and talking about simple cues and strategies I use will give you some ideas of how to make this period easier for you as well.

What habits would you like to bring back or adapt to better suit this new way of living that most of us are coming to terms with?

Malin x


PS. In the video I also make my go to wholesome snacks! Find the recipes here: chocolate shake, bliss balls and classic hummus. Enjoy!