If you ask me these little skewers are ingenious and unfortunately I can’t take credit for their invention as they seem to be all over the internet. I hope that me bringing them to you will give you joy though because they sure have brought me a lot of joy.

Sticking all the tasty antipasti you want to serve your friends or family at your next get-together on little skewers will save you all digging around in little bowls and it looks really cute too. I simply used bamboo barbecue skewers that I cut into two shorter skewers for mine but there are really lovely reusable ones to be found too if you prefer that.

Feel free to change up what you add to your skewers. Any vegan antipasti, cold cuts and fruit will work really well. Some that I would enjoy on mine if I had more space to add onto the ones I made would be sun dried tomato, cornichons and grapes. The fact that you can customise these so easily makes them great for all year around and you can easily change them up seasonally with what’s best at the time.

They’re also really fun to make (and eat) so include friends or even your kids in the making, I’m sue they will enjoy!

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Malin x

Antipasti Skewers

Serves 4 as a snack or appetizer.


8 short bamboo skewers or 4 long ones
8 olives
16 basil leaves
0,5 small cantaloupe melon
8 cherry tomatoes
4 large or 8 small marinated artichoke pieces
2-4 slices of vegan cold cuts of your choice, depending on their size